Sunday, September 20, 2009

My latest project

Hi all, I have been busy with my latest project. A hooked rug. This is my fish or really my grandsons. He is my first attempt at designing. I was involved in a rug swap and I wanted it to be special and fun. I really enjoyed matching all the colors to go with him. I hope you enjoy him to. His name is Herbert.

This is the outline of my fish and the seweeds and coral. I also added a few air bubbles for movement. I like to think It worked.

This is my fish. I made him two toned. It was as close as I could get to the color of my real fish.

Here is my fish with some background hooked in along with some details done. My initials and the date.

Here I have pressed the front and back of my fish. You do this step after you have finished all the patteren and getting ready to whip. You wet a towel and press your rug, front and back, then you let it set overnight .

This is when I got him pined up and ready to whip. I put cording in and and wrapped the backing around the cording.

This is my finished fish. He was my first design. I was very pleased with the out come.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Here is my barn that I finally
deciced to update on. It is
done in a 6 cut. Here I
have made a good start.
Here I have it almost filled in .
I just like a little on the background.

Here I have the barn finished.
I will start on the background next.

Here I have the background finished.
I cut off the extra backing
so I could start whipping the ends.

Here it is all finished.
It was so fun to do. Here is my barn all finished. It was such a fun peice to do. It is designed by Lavenderwool. It is a great beginner rug. I still have a little trouble with the whipping, especially around the corners. I haven't decided which rug I will do next, but I will let you all know.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

This girl needs help!!

For anyone reading this blog, Tina needs help finding her daughter. She has been missing for 18 months. She was last seen with a sex fleon. She needs 1000 names to get the law in SC to hunt for her missing daughter, so please sign!! Think about what you would do if it were your child!!

New rug hooking items!

This is a punch needle patteren that I got from Karen in a swap. I loved the patteren
and just couldn't wait to get it done.
Here are a couple of new books that I got on rug hooking. I have only glimpsed inside. I haven't
had time to read them(all the way through yet). I am looking foward to a quiet day , then I will
really be able to enjoy them.

Here is a few of the magazines that I do read. They all are very good. They also have free patterens in them. I enjoy them very much.

Here is my chair that I read, sew and hook in. It is really very comfortable.

I got this lamp at wal-mart to use to see to hook my rugs with.

Here are different size hoops that I use for everything. I quilt, crosstitch, punchneedle, and rug hook with them. I like usesing different sizes,

Now, here is my quilt hoop. That is what I use if for anyway. I have several different sizes for that.

These are some pots that I got at a yardsale. I may try to learn to dye some wool, once I get a few more.

Here are some wool sweaters and blazers (100percent wool) that I picked up at a few yard sales. I would love to find some more. I really need wool!!

Now here is my Frazier cutter. This nice, sweet little machine cuts my wool into strips. It cuts them according to the size cutter(that's the little wheel thing) you have.

Here is the way I put my material on the cutter, well this is a side view so that you can see what it looks like.

Now this is what it looks like at the end. See how it cuts the wool into strips. Man, I can't beleive that it took me so long o get a cutter. I love it that is for sure.

Now , here is the next patteren that I am going to try to doe. It is designed by Lavenderwool. These are the colors that I chose. Reminds me of my old barn as a child.

Here, is the first patteren that I have finished. I know that there is a lot of mistakes, but I will learn more as I go. I really, really need to learn to finish a rug. I can see that I don't know how to do the whip stitch at all. That's ok I am learning and having a blast doing it, and to me that's what counts.

Friday, May 29, 2009

new computer

Hi all I am back and with a different computer. Mine crashed and guess who didn't have backup? Yep! Me! I have learned a hard lesson. I will post more pictures a son as I can. Remember to make a back up it only takes a few minutes. I promise it will be worth it. I lost a lot and can't get it back. I am having to start over, please don't let this happen to you.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Great Grandbabies

Hi, I would like for you to meet Gracie, beautiful baby.
This is our first great grand daughter.She is so huggable. Look at those earrings!
This is our second great granddaughter. Her name is Aubrey. We haven't goten to see her yet,
but ain't she a dollbaby.

Looks like nap time to me.

Look at that hair!! Looks like she is smiling at momma.

Well that's all the pictures I have for right now. I took some of my grandsons but for some reason i can't get them to down load. I will try again later.

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